Babygoal Glass Nail File


Environmentally safe nail file for babies. Genuine Czech-made float glass. The perfect gift for newborns, toddlers, infants, babies, young children, & even adults!

SAFE: Babygoal nail files are the easiest and safest way to keep your baby’s nails trimmed. Don’t risk cutting your baby with sharp nail clippers & nail scissors. These files are safe to touch, delicate, smooth, and rounded. No sharp or pointy edges.

HIGHEST QUALITY: Made from genuine Czech Float Glass of the finest quality that, unlike traditional nail files, are extremely long-lasting & not does not easily break. No need to replace frequently like other nail files.

STRESS-FREE: Say goodbye to your baby’s accidental injuries. No more sharp or dangerous clippers or rough sandpaper emery boards that may hurt your child.

ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR YOUR BABY: Our nail files are designed and crafted specifically for newborns, infants, babies, toddlers and kids. A great gift for baby showers, birthdays, or for any occasion.

BEST FOR HYGIENE: Non-porous, Non-germ absorbing & Easily cleaned.

Measurement: 1cm x 9cm

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