ChildLife Essentials Multi Vitamin SoftChew Gummies


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ChildLife Multi Vitamin SoftChew Gummies® are naturally sweetened and are free from the sugar found in many gummy supplements. Just one tablet a day provides essential vitamins and minerals that little ones need to thrive and are available in a delicious orange flavor they will actually enjoy.

The vitamins included in this formula have been carefully selected for their importance in maintaining optimal health. Specifically, to meet a child’s nutritional requirements.

Children need adequate nutrition for optimal growth and development. ChildLife Multi Vitamin SoftChew Gummies® delivers a wide variety of exceptional nutrients to support these unique nutritional needs. These vitamins and minerals are carefully selected for their importance in supporting overall growth and development.

Suggested Use:
Children 1-12 years: 1 tablet daily. For children under 3, break up tablet and mix with food as needed.
Children 13+ years: 1 tablet up to 2x daily.

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