Herbilogy Fenugreek Extract Powder


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Diosgenin contained in fenugreek seeds functions as an oxytocin and increases breastmilk flow (breastmilk booster) but can cause uterine contractions, therefore it is NOT recommended for pregnant women.

Other health benefits include:
– Very rich in minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, copper, zinc, manganese and magnesium.
– Contains vitamins: thiamin, folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), niacin, vitamins A and C.
– Contains polysaccharides (polysaccharides): saponins, hemicellulose, mucilage, tannin and pectin, which aids in lowering LDL cholesterol levels.
– Amino acid 4-hydroxy isoleucine contained in fenugreek seeds also decreases the absorption of glucose in the small intestine which lowers blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.
– Fenugreek seeds also contain choline which studies show can slow down mental aging, also relieve PMS and menopause symptoms.
– Fenugreek is also known as an aphrodisiac, and many studies have shown its ability to increase libido in men.

100g pack contains 100% Super Fine & Premium Fenugreek Extract Powder, without added sugar, dyes, flavorings, MSG, preservatives or chemicals.

Recommended usage:
Herbilogy Fenugreek Extract Powder completely dissolves in food/drinks. Simply mix 1 teaspoon (3 grams) of Herbilogy Fenugreek Extract Powder into a glass of warm tea, chocolate or coffee. It can also be mixed into a glass of juice, smoothies, or even sprinkled on cookies, cereal and others. Take one to three times a day, drink plenty of water minimum 2.5 L per day at the same time and have enough rest.


Not suitable for children and pregnant women. Close the packaging tightly right after use to preserve quality. Store in a cool, dry place with temperature below 30C, away from direct sunlight, keep out of reach of children.

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