Infantway Huggabooks Travel Cloth Book with Teether: Places in the Philippines


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• A travel-themed cloth book for babies created to help your little ones discover the beautiful places in the Philippines
• With soft-padded pages, is tear-proof, chew-proof and is washable.
• Comes with a teether for your teething baby to chew on!

Huggabooks Cloth Book with Teether Benefits:
• Promotes Early Learning and hand-to-eye coordination
• A Fun way to learn different places in the Philippines
• Consist of few words, simple text and bright-colored images
• Comes with a teether for a teething baby
• With Crinkle Sound to attract baby’s attention
• Soft-Padded Pages
• Tear-proof, Chew-Proof and Washable
• Lightweight and Travel friendly
• Safe and Non-toxic for Baby


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