Kaloo Plume Plush Doudou Blanket


Regular Price: ₱1,399.75

Kaloo’s Plume is a security blanket and plush bunny all rolled up in one. A doudou is a blanket or stuffed toy that makes a child feel safe and secure. As adorable as it is soft and easy to grip, tiny hands can carry their newfound friend wherever they travel. Imaginary adventures await!

Attach the pacifier to one of the knots so that it is never far from baby, and write your little one’s name on the satin
ribbon to avoid any loss. This doudou is beautifully packed in a new square box of 22.6 x 22.6 cm.

Product Dimensions: 7.87 x 1.97 x 8.66in

Suitable from 0+

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