Key Picks Toys Traffic Jam


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Conceptualized to target different areas of development, Key Picks Toys’ aim is to stimulate learning and to develop abilities through play.

Key Picks Toys targets major learning areas such as:
Active Play, Sensory Play, Gross & Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive – Perceptual Skills, Self Care, and others!

-Includes: 72 pieces vehicle set (with 6 colors, 6 vehicles), Colored sorting bowls (6), Road mat (1), Colored cards and transparent vehicle cards for copying (6 pieces).
-May be used to practice sorting (by color, by kind), counting, simple math, copying patterns, attending to direction/orientation, etc.
-Can also be used for imaginative and constructional play when combined with road puzzles, etc.
-Targets: Fine motor skills, Sensory play, Cognitive development, Social skills, and others!

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