Kyubey InstaDry Midway Pet Mat


This innovative InstaDry mat is made of natural diatomite – absorbs water from wet soles quickly and fast dry in seconds.

• Effectively prevents the mat from slipping on the ground when stepping.
• Easy maintenance – quickly dries over time in the natural air.
• Antibacterial rate: above 92%.
• Has the natural characteristics of natural diatomaceous earth – moisture absorption, deodorization, decomposition of formaldehyde, purification of air.
• Compact and hard mat for your daily convenience.

The Kyubey InstaDry Mats accomplish many things at once.

• Soak up and deal with moisture
• Get rid of bacteria or mold
• Avoid slips or falls
• Keep floor dry and clean

The Midway Pet Mat is specially designed as a feeding station for your paw friend! It has a 2 carved circles for decorative purposes which may serve as a guide for food and water bowls.

By using this InstaDry Pet Mat, you can keep your floor clean and dry!

Size: 45cm x 35cm

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