Little Baby Grains Splendid Spinach Ramen (250g)


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• Extra fine artisan noodles inspired by Japan.

• We took care to make these noodles from only premium, all-natural ingredients, without any nasties like preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

• NO heavy metals like arsenic, mercury or lead.

• This ramen contains spinach which is splendidly endowed with essential minerals and aids hydration!

• Noodle length has been customized for kids so no cutting is required.

• Easy to cook, cooking on a stovetop takes about 4-5 minutes.

• Weight: 250g, 5 servings.

• Usage Instructions: Keep in cool and dry place.

• Ingredients: Premium, non-GMO unbleached wheat flour, spinach, filtered water, fibre, organic Australian lake salt (1.5%)


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