Little Fat Hugs Do You Know How Things are Made?


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In the building where you live, you use devices that are powered by electricity. You sit at your PC, playing your favourite computer game or browsing the internet. Your parents’ car, bought with money earned in their jobs, stands in the garage. These are things you encounter every day, and probably you take them for granted.

But do you know where they came from? Do you know how they were made and how many people were involved in their production? Do you know why there is so much interesting information on the internet, and who put it there? Do you have any idea how many people worked together to make the building you live in? Do you know where and how banknotes and coins are made? This book provides answers to all these questions and several more besides, while doing its best to keep you entertained throughout.

All the things this book is about
How to make a building
How to make a car
How electricity is produced
How the internet and its content are made
How to make a computer game
How the money you can buy all these things with is produced


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