Love to Dream Swaddle Up Bamboo Lite

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The Swaddle Up Lite is made from ultra-sheer & cool fabric that is 30% lighter than the Swaddle Up Original fabric.

Now partly made from ultra sheer & cool 97% bamboo fabric – naturally temperature-regulating & moisture-wicking, to keep your baby comfortable & dry on hot nights!

Unlike traditional swaddles that keep a babies arms by their side or across their chest, the unique arms UP design of our Swaddle UPTM replicates your baby’s behavior in the womb, allowing the natural arms up position and movement of their hands to the mouth to truly self-soothe.

When babies are placed on their back to sleep, their natural position is arms up so they can self-soothe at
night when they wake up. The Original Swaddle UP patented design allows for self-soothing, unlike traditional swaddles which hold baby’s arms down and frustrate them. The startle reflex is calmed with our ergonomically designed womb-like fit.

Single layer of trans-seasonal cotton elastane fabric helps reduce the risk of overheating compared to multi-layer swaddles.

Dual zipper for easy diaper changes without taking them out of the swaddle and no bothersome snaps, noisy Velcro closures or loose fabric. Seam-free on the inside means increased comfort for your baby.

0.2 TOG (European warmth rating: the higher the tog, the warmer the product)
Suitable for Temperatures 24-27 deg C

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