Montessori Mat


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The Montessori mat: it’s a quintessential Montessori material!

The Montessori mat provides the student with a defined workspace. Students also learn gross motor skills by
carefully rolling and unrolling their rug and placing the rug into its proper storage space. In organizing their work on the mat, a student begins to learn about an ordered environment. This is especially important when you are doing Montessori at home and don’t have a fixed space to do lessons. By utilizing a Montessori Mat, the student has a defined top, middle, bottom as well as left and right in their workspace. This helps with works involving sorting and organizing. The top to bottom, left to right reading and writing skills are also reinforced by using a mat.

Child safe materials.

Looks the same on both sides, so you can reverse it and it will withstand more wear and last even longer.

Easy to keep clean – machine washable.

Non-toxic paint.
Dimensions: 85 cm x 55 cm
Area: 0.47 m2

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