NatureBond Breastmilk Collector


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The NatureBond Silicone Breastmilk Collector is the most natural way to collect breast milk for your baby. Complete with lid cover, high quality pouch and silicone stopper, the NatureBond Breastmilk Collector is a must have for breastfeeding moms.

– Small, portable, easy to use and clean.
– Has a 100ml milk capacity.
– Made from 100% food grade silicone; BPA free and safe for both babies and moms.
– The sleek and soft silicone is designed for comfort and creates a natural pressure for breast milk to be collected.

The new NatureBond design provides moms with customized comfort and suction pull. In order to achieve this, the NatureBond is made from an unique composite of silicone thickness across the device. Starting from the NatureBond’s circular flap, it is the softest, with the tract removed, to give moms the ultimate comfort in breast cupping. Next, the dual rings design is made up of different thickness of silicone to give moms the best suction force and comfort. For moms who prefer gentle suction, it is recommended to pinch the bottom ring of the NatureBond while attaching onto breast. For moms who prefer a well-balanced suction and comfort, the center region between the 2 rings is the optimal balance. For moms who prefer a strong suction, a stronger force can be easily produced by pinching the top ring. The new design allows moms to adjust the suction force according to their comfort level.

1. Wash and make sure Collector is clean. Sterilize.
2. Cover nipple and breast area with pump. Gently squeeze pump until you feel the suction.
3. If the suction level does not work for you, re-position the pump on your breast until you feel comfortable. The breast milk will flow out naturally. Every drop counts – the pump is suitable to collect your breast milk while you are feeding your baby.
4. The premium pack includes a silicone pump stopper that prevents milk spillage. The silicone stopper can prevent spillage of a fully filled pump that contains up to 100 ml of breastmilk.

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