OlaBaby Silicone Bowl + Lid


• The Olababy 100% silicone suction bowl with lid is designed to be the perfect feeding bowl for toddlers to achieve feeding independence.
• Its strong suction base sticks to any flat surfaces such as highchair trays and tables to create a stress-free and no-mess mealtime.
• The release tab allows for a simple release of the bowl by adults.
• The spill proof silicone lid enables easy meal transfer and storage.
• Its smooth surface is bacteria resistant and very easy to clean.

• Suction base prevents spills and sticks to flat surfaces such as highchair trays and tables
• Spill-proof lid designed for storing and transporting baby’s meal
• Smart lip designed for easy scraping and scooping
• 100% Non-toxic, durable, food grade silicone; Bacteria resistant and easy to clean
• Heat-safe up to 428°F/ 220°C; Microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe

Recommended Age: 6mos+
Always sterilize before first use. We recommend boiling in hot water for 5 minutes.

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