Play Factory Space Set with Learning Cards


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The solar system at your reach! Make believe you’re a planet and orbit around the sun. Hop on that rocket and watch out for comets as you make your way through the Asteroid Belt. Explore deep space as you enter the Kuiper belt and spot a few dwarf planets. Who knows, you might meet some green and pink alien friends along the way!

1 Outer Space Mat
9 Planets
4 Dwarf Planets
1 Comet
1 Astronaut
1 Spaceship
2 Alien lifeforms
1 Alien Spacecraft

Play Factory toys provide children with opportunities to learn – color, coordination, vocabulary, etc. And since they are locally crafted by women from indigent communities, they also provide much needed help for these women living in poverty. Give your children unplugged fun – and help women in need too – with Play Factory.

Materials: cotton and felt

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