Poled Hug Bear Bidet and Bathing Stand


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Making bath time easier and safer

An innovative baby shower stand

Age: 6-24 months (upto 15kg)

Scratch-free material with a round and safe finish

  • Tested the materials for harmful elements and there’s no abnormality
  • Made with anti-slip on the feet area

No more sore wrists and back strain when showering your baby

  • Baby can stand and lean on like a warm hug from a big bear

Simple and convenient

  • Can be used on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub
  • Can be installed in any space without limiting the side space
  • Size can be adjusted in 4 different sizes
  • Height can be adjusted in 4 steps in accordance to the development status
  • Has a shower holder

Multiple uses

  • Can be used when showering, applying lotion, changing diapers or even clothes


  • Must be used under adult supervision
  • Do not adjust height while holding the baby on the handle
  • When storing products, avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, and dusty areas
  • Do not use rough scrubbers when cleaning handle part to prevent the coating from peeling off
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