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Speckaboo sunglasses enable kids to discover their world in style without compromising their safety, which is every parent’s main concern. Speckaboo glasses have unique features and materials built to move about with your child as they rumble and tumble. Frames are made from DuPont plastics, and are latex-free, non-toxic, and highly-flexible.

Speckaboo glasses also come in a variety of lenses, including:

Easy Eye Lenses

We also know that gadgets and kids are inseparable these days, so we equipped our glasses with the Easy Eye lenses. These special lenses block the harsh blue light coming from tablets and mobile phones. Easy Eye lenses are uniquely armed with a photochromic coating that darken upon exposure to the sun, making it the perfect accessory for all indoor and outdoor activities.

Mirrored Lenses

This type of lens has a reflective optical coating, but this coating isn’t just for looks – the coating lessens the light that reaches your child’s eyes. Hip and functional – that’s Speckaboo.

Deluxe Lenses

Designed to completely block the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. They are made of shatter-proof and lightweight polycarbonate material that can take on the inevitable scruff and scratch from your children.

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