The Green Tummy HImalayan Salt Lamp


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These salt lamps, mined and carved out from Himalayan Salt rocks in Pakistan, attracts and neutralizes the pollutants in the air and can seriously cut back on allergy symptoms. They can also neutralize electromagnetic radiation, enhance mood and promote better sleep.

How to Use / Storage: Just plug in your salt lamp throughout the day, or have it running at night while you sleep, and the room will transform into a haven of restfulness and help rejuvenate your body as you sleep soundly through the night.

Weight: estimated 2-3kgs

Shelf Life/Expiration Date: No expiry

Himalayan Salt Lamp should be kept away from hot and humid areas, and enclosed places which are prone to heat. Keeping your salt lamp switched on prevents it from sweating. When not in use, it should be neatly packed in the air-tight packet and stored away. Do not ever immerse your lamp in water, or it will slowly melt away! The salt lamp should never be exposed to any source of water, and when required to be cleaned, it should either be patted dry, or a moist cloth should be used to clean the accumulated dust.

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