Totsafe Label ‘N Go Self-Laminating Sticker Labels


Label ’N Go Write-on Self-laminating Stickers are perfect to label just about anything! Use them to label bottles, sippy cups, food containers, office and school supplies.

Writable, Water-proof, Microwave-safe and Freezer-safe.

Use them for:
– School: Baby bottles, sippy cups, water bottles and food containers. Label or put gentle reminders about food allergies (eg. “no peanuts” or “lactose intolerant”).

Home and kitchen: Organization for storage areas, pantry and playrooms. Label easily lost items like chargers, powerbanks and other common electronic items.

Comes with 74 stickers in one pack and consists of 4 different sizes:

Large – x 2 cm
Medium – 5.5cm x 1.5cm
Small – 4 x 1.2cm

Slimline (for labelling thin items like pens) – 5cm x 0.7cm

How to Label ‘N Go in 3 Easy Steps:
1) Fold back waterproof cover and write on the label. Use a ballpoint pen or fine-tipped permanent marker.
2) Peel off backing paper and press firmly down on the seal. Smooth out any bubbles.
3) Peel off entire label from the pack and stick on your product. Make sure surface is clean and dry. Avoid textured surface as sticker might not stick firmly in place.

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