UV Care Room Zapper


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UV Care specializes in UV-C sterilization, which addresses the concern of individuals and families in terms of keeping their homes and environment safe, healthy and germ-free.
The Room Zapper effectively eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful germs, bacteria, viruses and molds via its powerful 254 nm UVC germicidal lamp. The device automatically shuts off when it detects any movement within a 5-meter radius, providing added safety should you, your kids or pets happen to accidentally enter the room while the Room zapper is switched on!

*Coverage Area: 20 sqm
*Sterilization time: 30 and 60 mins
*Child lock feature
*Chemical-free and ozone-free
*Motion sensor with a 5-meter radius
*Lamp life: 30,000 hrs
*Rated Input Power: 38 Watts
*Rated voltage: 220V

Dimensions: 6 x 12.6 x 32 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg

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