Yookidoo Gymotion Activity Playland


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This award-winning activity gym with a 2-in-1 Magical Mobile is a fantasy-themed Playland designed for baby’s first year – laying on their back in the early months, through tummy-time, then sitting up – all while igniting curiosity and fun.

– Easily unfold this 3-in-1 Activity Playland. When opened, the mat is 41 x 34 inch (105 x 85 cm).

– The 2-in-1 Magical Mobile is good for both back and tummy time play. Position the mobile’s track between the arches for those first months when your baby is on their back, or attach it on the mat for a later stage when your baby is on their tummy. Turn it on and let the show begin.

– The motorized mobile will happily drive back and forth, carrying whichever accessory you connect to it, while playing either a stimulating or relaxing tune for ten minutes before going silent. It can also be muted.

– Attach the lovable accessories to the arches in the right position and at the appropriate length for your baby, choosing from the three multi-textured fantasy figures – the prince, princess, and dragon.

– The smiling rattle with beads can be used as a teether, and the large baby-safe mirror can be suspended or propped up on the mat.

– Lay and Play – Maximize this stage by laying your baby perpendicular or vertical to the mobile’s track – and then at a later point, parallel to it to further expand the field of view.

– Tummy-Time – Attach the mobile’s track to the mat, affix the suspension disk with a click, and put one of the figures atop the motorized mobile to encourage your baby to look up.

– Sit and Play -When your baby begins to sit up, promote independent play time by positioning the mobile’s track, figures, and other accessories on the mat.

– Easily fold into the self-contained carry case for storage or for travel.

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