Yookidoo Tumble Ball Stacker


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All the fun of a carnival in one dazzling toy with lively musical feedback! Stack up a tower and let the ball tumble through the tunnel slide, flapping wings as it goes. Twirl the gears and let the good times roll. Who knows where the ball will emerge?

– Encourage fun, stacking blocks, and ball play with this charming, two-in-one battery-operated musical feedback stacking and tumbling ball game.

– Stack the four colorful stackers, three of which have gear activity and wings, and top them with the sweet flower funnel head.

– Demonstrate for your child how to drop the three friendly rattling balls down the center of the tower. The wings will flap and delight as the balls pass through.

– The ball will surprise your child by randomly exiting from one of the two openings, and the musical feedback will reward and encourage your child’s sense of accomplishment.

– Engage your child with the different activities on the sides of the blocks. Lining up and turning the gears and watching as they move the others will stimulate the senses and also promote fine motor skills.

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