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Over a decade ago, a Mindanao-based NGO called the Don Bosco Foundation for Sustainable Development, Inc. (DBFSDI) wanted a more responsible mode of farming; one that not only takes care of the Earth, but also gives farmers a chance at a better quality of life.

They introduced farmers in North Cotabato to organic and biodynamic agriculture, and established a means of marketing their produce. This marketing outlet eventually evolved to become the Bios Dynamis brand we know today.

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Aside from a multi-pronged community extension program aimed to address the needs of their families, these farmers were taught how to make their own farming input, as well as breed and develop their own seeds.

This basically freed them from huge debts incurred by adhering to a conventional, chemical-based approach to farming. Their produce was then bought at a fair price and sold to the right market: specifically, you.

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Your purchase of Bios Dynamis products matters a lot, both in supporting these farmers, and in helping sustain their community extension programs so more farmers can come aboard and reap the benefits.

Learn more about Bios Dynamis by visiting their website or their Facebook page



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November 1, 2016

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